John ChesterDirector

Emmy Award-winning director and showrunner John Chester is at home just about anywhere. Whether filming Eskimos in the arctic or rock stars on the American highway, Chester brings a satisfying mix of excitement and tenderness to his subjects. In 2005 he executive-produced and co-directed Euphoria, a film about the pursuit of happiness funded by the NIH.

Chester first reached a wide audience with his ground-breaking primetime series on A&E, Random 1, which he directed and starred in from 2005-2006. His 2007 film Lost In Woonsocket premiered to sold-out crowds at South By Southwest. It continued to travel the country for 3 years. Rock Prophecies marks a startling stylistic departure from his previous work, a film just as electric as it is affecting. Winning 3 audience awards for best documentary feature in 2009 and making its national television debut on PBS in 2010.

Currently, he makes ‘Super Soul Shorts’ for the Oprah Winfrey Network. In 2016 he and his team won an Emmy for their short film entitled Emma the Pig.


  • 2016 Emmy Award Super Soul Sunday Short “Saving Emma”
  • 2010 American Public Television Program Excellence Award “Rock Prophecies”/PBS
  • 2009 (1) Best Soundtrack Award “Rock Prophecies”
  • 2009 (3) Audience Awards Best Documentary Feature.  “Rock Prophecies”
  • 2006 PRISM AWARD NOMINATION “Random1”/ A&E
  • 2004 Emmy Nomination “Falling Leaves”

When not working on film projects, Chester along with his wife focus their creative energies on running a 210 acre biodynamic orchard and livestock operation in Southern California. Visit for more details.