Team Bios

John Chester

Director and showrunner John Chester is at home just about anywhere. Whether filming Eskimos in the arctic or rock stars on the American highway. Chester brings a satisfying mix of excitement and tenderness to his subjects. When not working on film and tv projects, Chester along with his wife focus most of their creative energies on running Apricot Lane Farms, a 130 acre biodynamic orchard and livestock operation in Southern California.

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Thea Maichle

Producer Thea Maichle was born and raised in the small town of Claymont, DE. Early on she took an interest in film and television. Her first gig as a production assistant on the National Geographic special Whales In Crisis made it evident to Thea that she belonged in the documentary world.

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Mallory Cunningham

Associate Producer Mallory Cunningham was born in Murray, Kentucky and is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. One might say her job duties at Chester Films have incredible range. Not only does she assist Chester in the creation and delivery of his films but she also helps run the highly coveted livestock breeding operation of his Apricot Lane Farms. A typical day for Mallory could include delivering a lamb in the morning followed by a film to a network at night. Mallory insists, “filmmaking and farming go together like cookies and milk.”

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